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The easiest way to turn that thought into reality

If you would like your one-of-kind project custom designed and built in a way that doesn’t just “click” together, but rather built with artistic care and expertise (with real material, not particle board)…. then you are in the right place!

Whether you want something for yourself- or you want a unique gift for that special someone, I can help.

Here are a few things that I love to make and do best….

  • Burial urns for your loved ones/pets
  • Dining room tables
  • coffee tables/end tables

The custom design process is easier to get started than you think….

  1. We start by chatting about your idea.
  2. You give me an initial sketch or picture (ideas of what you want), and throw in a few overall key dimensions and away we go!!
  3. I will then draw the project with a 3D software so you can see how the real deal comes together in detail.
  4. Next, you get an estimate on what you can expect to invest and a reasonable time frame for the project completion.

Sound like just what you are looking for?

Here’s what you should do next….

Take a peek at my gallery to get a feel for my style, book YOUR *complimentary* session with me to chat about the possibilities or  join my e-mail list for seasonal ideas and inspiration!