photo-Hi, my name is Guy Frechette and I am the founder of Guy’s Vintage Woodworks.

My journey with wood began in 1984, when I became interested in woodworking and construction.

After over 14 years experience in the field of design/drafting- including a number of years in a few engineering firms and some time in the log home industry, I became an instructor in the drafting department at a local college in 1998.

It’s the perfect place to share my passion with others.

In that time I’ve learned a lot about buildings, working with wood and working with people. I’ve had the pleasure of working with countless individuals to achieve their visions through the creative medium of CAD (Computer Aided Drafting).

I’ve also done A LOT of woodworking over the years…..

Including designing and building my own log house that includes a fireplace mantel, stone chimney surround, custom log stairs and wood casings/moldings for the entire house.

The difficulty of  finding the perfect raw materials in the right dimensions to create those custom wood creations, is what led me to build my own saw mill!

And that means, I can cut any wood species to the dimensions that your project requires.

Not only is there is something special about taking a project from a tree in the forest to a final piece of furniture, I am also very pleased to be able to offer your project the same kind of customization and attention to detail.

I started Guy’s Vintage Woodworks because I love taking your rough ideas and sketches and making them come alive for you! The entire process of starting from the drawing board (Computer Aided Drafting) to building your piece is my passion.

I can’t wait to help you get that design out of your head and into your hands!

Want to chat with me about your custom idea? Let’s Talk!